• Salinas de Cabo de Gata

Salt Flats in Cabo de Gata

The salt flats in Cabo de Gata cover an area of 400 hectares, parallel to the coastline, separated from the sea by a strip of coast type “barrier” that is about 5 kilometers long and a width that ranges between 150 and 550 meters, from the beach of San Miguel to that of the Fabriquilla.

The salt flats of Cabo de Gata are formed by various shallow ponds, it is one of the best examples of albufera system converted by man as saline, being the only ones left in operation in eastern Andalusia. It was originated by the contribution of the thick sediment of the ramblas and displaced along the coast by the coastal drift.
Of less importance is the sandy sediment of the beaches thrown by the waves above the barrier beach and the wind slime contributed by the wind.

Flamenco. Salinas cabo de Gata

Evaporation, mainly controlled by direct sunlight and wind, plays a very important role in the dynamics of these lagoons, contributing efficiently to their drying out, hence they are suitable devices for the manufacture of salt.
To prevent erosion by the action of waves and protect infrastructure, the man has placed large blocks of stone along the shore.

The importance of this salt marsh for the the bird section is due to their geographical location is a strategic point of mandatory scale in the Africa-Europe route of migrations and is also essential for the hibernation of many other birds. The contemplation of birds in the salt flats can be done from an observatory conveniently signposted and prepared with a shed and hatches to be able to appreciate them without disturbing them; Binoculars are recommended.
Next to its entrance there is a small garden of tarayes (own shrub of the banks of the rivers and of swampy places of the Mediterranean region, with reddish bark and thin branches) and other native plants, in whose surroundings the vehicles can be parked. The closest towns are Cabo de Gata and Almadraba de Monteleva




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