Nautical activities in Cabo de Gata


SIf you want to know Cabo de Gata from the sea you can do it in different ways, like renting a boat, making a guided route in boat, traveling the cape of cat in sailboat. Take advantage of the nautical offers from the services we promote.

Volcanic Tours

Volcanic tours propose you to visit the Cabo de Gata Natural Park by boat.
We organize various excursions and boat trips to the coves and most interesting places.
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Al abordaje del Cabo

Boat trips in Cabo de Gata.
We are a company that allows you to enjoy the aquatic landscapes in unique environments.
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Boat Cabo de Gata

Boat L'Inquiet, in Cabo de Gata, a jewel of nature of volcanic origin.
Come and see our sailboat routes through Cabo de Gata.
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  • If you have any tourist service or Lodging in Cabo de Gata Natural Park, you can contact us and announce it in this informative guide.

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