• Nature in Cabo de gata
  • Nature in Cabo de Gata
  • Nature in Cabo de Gata

Nature in Cabo de Gata

Within the limits of the Natural Park is located the Sierra de Cabo de Gata, the most important volcanic formation in the Iberian Peninsula, located a few kilometers from Almeria city.

Cabo de Gata: Natural features

Cabo de Gata Natural Park is located in southeast coast of Almería, in the eastern limit of the Gulf of Almeria. Cabo de Gata Volcanic Complex is a magnificent geological exponent that has earned it the European Geopark cataloging
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Flora in Cabo de Gata

Framed in the Murcian-Almerian biogeographical unit, the Níjar region presents climatic and determinant peculiarities in its biodiversity.
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Birds in Cabo de Gata

Cabo de Gata Natural Park is obligatory scale for migratory birds in its route towards Africa, of which 142 species have been catalogued.
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Under the sea

Under a mediterranean sea unknown to the most of visitors in the Natural Park, It hides some of the bestunderwater backgrounds of the zone.
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Terrestrial fauna in Cabo de Gata

We distinguished the terrestrial fauna in two different biotopos: Pastizal and Estepharian zone
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Cabo de Gata Geopark

Cabo de Gata Geopark is a unique space in every way. Also its physical environment deserves the qualification of outstanding, it enjoys exotic and evocative geological landscapes of clear African reminiscences, they hide an extraordinary unique geological information to understand and interpret the evolutionary history
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Volcanic Complex in Cabo de Gata

Volcanic Complex in Cabo de Gata was formed in the period between 15 and 16 million years ago, and constitutes the emerged part of an extensive submerged magmatic area that extends through the Alboran Sea area.
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Natural Monument San Andrés Island

San Andrés island is a small rocky island, shaped like a whale, with an extension of 1.5 hectares, it is a group of two islets ("the big island" and "the small island") that is in front of the municipality Carboneras 400 meters from Puntica Beach.
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