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Los Escullos

This is a vestige of the magmatic past of the Park next to Playa del Arco, considered one of the best beaches in the province of Almeria.

Los Escullos is a small fishing and tourist nucleus located in the cove of its name, under the hill of the Friar and next to the Beach of the Arc; gorgeous surroundings in which they excel cliffs and the jetties (fossilized dunes) of original forms that the erosion has produced.

The Castle of San Felipe was constructed like coastal defense, towards the 1800s.
It is located between Cerro En medio and Cerro de Cala Higuera, and remains of old houses are still preserved.
It is in a beautiful environment where cliffs and breakwaters (fossilized dunes) stand out.
The nearest locatities are San José, el Pozo de los Frailes and la Isleta del Moro.
In the area there is a great Camping-Resort Los Escullos located in a special place.

Turistical services in los Escullos



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