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If you want to stay in a hostel in Cabo de Gata, you can do so in many of the localities of the Natural Park. You can choose between several hostels simple and more economical than other hotels. Some of these hostels are located near the beach. Take advantage of the great prices offered by the hostels promoted by us.


Hostel and rooms for rent in the town of San José, one of the tourist centers of the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata-Nijar. Oriented at noon and protected from the east wind, which allows us to offer you a magnificent accommodation in all seasons of the year.
950 380 194 - 950 380 342

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  • Cabo de Gata Natural Park is a first-class protection place.If you navigate through these pages do not forget that the information you can obtain here, should be used with sensitivity.
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  • If you have any tourist service or Lodging in Cabo de Gata Natural Park, you can contact us and announce it in this informative guide.

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