• El Parque Natural

El Parque Natural

Natural Park Cabo de Gata-Nijar was declared on January 27, 1988. It is the first sea-land protected area in Andalusia.

Due to the contrasts between the marine environment, coastal and land, to the many unique species that already hosts, the characteristics of an ecosystem driest Europe features, this space is also internationally recognized as a Biosphere Reserve, Geopark and other instruments to safeguard it.
Thanks these protection figures, to the will of some of the owners of the land on which it stands and the Government of Andalusia, this place has managed to withstand the vicissitudes of the massive construction on the Mediterranean coast, although they have also committed atrocities as popularly known case of Hotel el Algarrobico, which must be demolished.
In today’s story, is the recognition of being one of the most fascinating places in Mediterranean Coastal.
This is a protected first-order space. If you browse on these pages do not forget that the information here can get you, use it with the sensitivity it deserves, the environment and the beings that are treated.

Jardín Botánico el Albardinal

  • El Cabo de Gata es un espacio protegido de primer orden. La información que aquí puedes obtener debes utilizarla con la sensibilidad que merece el entorno y los seres de los que se tratan.
  • Aunque procuramos seleccionar los servicios que promocionan, no podemos hacernos responsables si alguno de ellos presenta cualquier tipo de deficiencia durante su estancia.
  • Si Vd. dispone de algún servicio turístico o alojamiento en el Parque Natural Cabo de Gata, puede contactar con nosotros y anunciarlo en las páginas de esta guía informativa y publicitaria.

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