• Mesa de Roldan Watchtower

Mesa de Roldan Watchtower

The current tower is built on the room of the Mesa de Roldán, which was already known in 1497; being considered the most dangerous of the Sierra de Cabo de Gata, so that their guards charged more than those of other rooms in the area. This stay would be witness of numerous corridors of Berber pirates, arriving after the "Rising of the Moors" to be empty because of its danger.

To get there, we must drive along the AL-5016 road from Carboneras to Agua Amarga and take a detour next to the parking lot of the strand of the dead.
In 1764, reigning Carlos III, its use was recovered by providing the Roldan table with a cape and three towers, which received ammunition from the Castle of San Andrés de la Carbonera. In December 1768 a strong storm hit the Roldán Mesa, lightning struck the tower affecting two sheds that had terraced houses, but it remained almost intact. In the second half of the nineteenth century, it would be transferred, like the others, to the Carabineros corps as a watchtower for police surveillance, but there is no evidence that they would use it for this purpose. In 1863 the lighthouse that had been built in its vicinity was inaugurated.
By 1941 it was ceded to the Civil Guard, like the rest of the Carabineros' possessions, being included in 1949 in the Decree law of protection of Castles that the State promulgated. Since 1978, during the construction of the successive industrial ports of Carboneras, a quarry was opened on the top of Mesa Roldán. Like other towers in this area, it is in an incredible state of abandonment. The Mesa Roldán tower is falling stone by stone at the indifference of all Administrations.



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