• Natural Monument San Andrés Island

Natural Monument San Andrés Island

Natural Monument San Andres Island is a small, rocky, whale-shaped island with an extension of 1.5 hectares and is composed of a group of two islets ("the big island" and "the small island") which is located in front of the municipality of Carboneras, 400 meters from the Puntica Strand .

Its volcanic character gives it a wild aspect, both on the surface and on the seabed. You can also see the remains of a small volcanic crater, and numerous cracks and caves that house an important marine fauna: groupers, castanets, maidens, thrushes, bream, mojarras, obladas and espetones. It is also a great place to practice diving.

Its proximity to the coast and its low height allows the settlement of nests, and its isolation makes it a quiet feeder for various Vögel: seagulls, terns and terns. Being surrounded by a considerable meadow of algae glass that gives a blackish tone to its clean and clear waters.

By Decree 250/2003, of September 9 (Boja of September 30), the Governing Council of the Junta de Andalucía decided to declare the Island of San Andrés as a Natural Monument. This islet is located in the municipality of Carboneras (Almería) and is adjacent to the Naturpark of Cabo de Gata, it is a well-known point of immersion of the Diving Centers. From now on, therefore, the dives that are carried out there will have to respect the regime of preservation of this new protected natural space.



  • Naturpark Cabo de Gata ist ein geschützter Bereich mit ersten Ranges. Wenn Sie auf diesen Seiten nach durchsuchen nicht vergessen Sie, dass die Informationen, die Sie hier, Sie erhalten können mit Feingefühl verwenden muss, die verdient, die Umwelt und die Menschen behandelt werden.
  • Obwohl wir versuchen, die Dienste auswählen, die auf der Grundlage ihrer Qualität gefördert werden, können wir uns nicht verantwortlich, wenn irgendwelche von ihnen jede Art von Mangel während Ihres Aufenthaltes.
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