Nature Cabo de Gata

Nature in Cabo de Gata

The ecological importance of Cabo de Gata is in its origin, nature volcanic, semi-arid climate, sea-earth character.
Of the terrestrial fauna of Cabo de Gata we classify it in two different habitats: pasture and steppe zone.
In its more than 80 km of coastline, marine fauna is a dominant factor. We distinguish three different biotopes, sand grounds, rock and prairie posidónia ocean.
The birds in the Natural Park are also a factor characteristic, and can distinguish three environments: pasture or marshy, the area of orchards and the steppe zone.
Flora is characterized by high humidity climate subárido with middle and high evaporation and expoción solar and volcanic soils and emphasize low setting, which determine the presence of a weak vegetation can take this pluviodad and vegetation soil.
The Volcanic Complex was formed in the period between 15 and 16 million years and is the party emerged from an extensive magmatic gray area that stretches along the Alboran Sea area. For this reason it has been cataloged as Geopark
Another natural jewel found on the coast of the Natural Park is the Natural Monument San Andrés Island.

Saturday February 16th, 2019