Mesa de Roldán Tower

The current Roldan Table Tower is located in this promontory , which already had news from 1497. It is considered the most dangerous in Sierra de Cabo de Gata. This stay would witness numerous raids of Barbarian pirates, after the “Rise of the Moriscos” coming to be empty because its dangerous.

In 1764, reigning Carlos III, its use giving it a corporal and three lighthouse keepers, who received ammunition from San Andres Castle located in la Carbonera. En December 1768 a violent storm struck the Table Roldán, recovered lightning struck the tower affecting two sheds, but it remained almost intact.

In the second half of the nineteenth century, it would be transferred, to the Carabineros as a lookout for police surveillance, but there is no evidence that utilized for this purpose. In 1863 the lighthouse nearby was opened , was built .

By 1941 he was transferred to the Civil Guard, being included in 1949 in Decree Castles protection law. Since 1978, during the construction of successive industrial ports of Carboneras, a quarry was opened at the top of Mesa Roldán. Like other towers in the area, it is in an incredible state of neglect. The Mesa Roldan Tower will stone by stone falling to the indifference of all Administrations.

Thursday July 11th, 2019
Cortijo Los Malenos. Agua Amarga, Cabo de Gata