Millares Culture

(2500-1800 to d. C.)
In Barranquete is the more important necrópolis of the region with eleven interments in Tholos excavated, dated in year 2330 B.C.

It was a megalitic town able fundamentally to develop complex customs based on the industrialist of sílex and the agricultural economy, introducing the important newness of the extraction and manipulation of copper, becoming culture bridge towards the age of metals.

As a characteristic of these first settlers, is the use of the overlaping stones in walls, bunkers and interments, the ceramics decorated with solar reasons, the objects of Eastern influence found in the tombs and the operation of the mining resources,
In Níjar we were with necrópolis of the Barranquete, with the birth of the Tarajal river and the one of Amarguilla (hill of the Doves) to the East of the quarter. Also we found vestiges in the Escullos and near Genoveses and, already in Alhamilla Mountain range, the enclosure of Inox, the Cerricos, to the Southeastern of Villa and in Tejar (the Tejera) between the villa of Níjar and the Granatilla.