Tiempo Cabo de Gata

weather in Cabo de Gata

The weather Cabo de Gata, weather information in the towns of Escullos San Jose and las Negras. Also in Agua Amarga and Carboneras, and in the Pozo de los Frailes, Rodalquilar and of course, the Isleta del Moro.
The Cabo de Gata Natural Park is one of the areas in Europe with more hours of sunshine per year and less rainfall. Its most notable feature is the clear sky and the intensity of its light.
The average annual temperature in Cabo de Gata ranges between 18º and 19º C, frequently exceeding 30º C in the summer months. Being a coastal zone, the thermal sensation can be much higher, depending on the degree of humidity. Another factor of interest is that the temperature of its waters during the winter is warmer than that of the air, therefore this place is a reference for the practice of divingbuceo