Greece and Carthage

(600-300 B. C.)
During the VI century B.C., the Phoenician capital is transferred from Tiro to Carthage (Tunisia); the Punic period is born or Carthaginian and the first commercial interchanges with Greece begin. In Huebro the Punic ones encamped and of this time it seems to date a temple in the Cabo, dedicated to a marine goddess, perhaps Tartesia, that the Greeks identified with Aphrodite.

In the “Ora maritima”, of Avieno it is explained that after “promontorius Pityussa” (end of sabinar) and from “sinus Urcitanus” (Gulf of Almeria) it was arrived at the “promontorium Veneris” or mountain of Venus (Cabo de Gata). According to Schulten “lugun Veneris”, sanctuary of Greek Aphrodite which also the Romans knew adjudging it their Venus, had to be located in the Hill of the Head, in the same Cabo.

The establishments of Inox and the Slaughter, next to Níjar, are sample of the first interesting settlers and to be visited by whom they please of the arquología.

It is in further on, representation of the nature in the decoration, ceramics to tormo, metallurgy of the iron, the writing, trains, really, their first social bases.