Chamaleon. Fauna Cabo de Gata

Terrestrial Fauna in Cabo de Gata

We distinguish the terrestrial fauna in two different biotipes

The pastizal
Here the hocicuda viper (Vipera latasti), the bastard snake and the one of stairs abound, the ocelado lizard, eslizón tridáctilo and the running toad, like representatives of the amphibians and reptiles.

Between the mammals, the sprocket morish wheel, musarañas, some zomo that approaches mainly until the coast and, rabbits and hares.

Esteparian zone
the dominant fauna is the insects, abounding in the first place the ortópteros (religious Mantis), the himenópteros (ants lasius, bees _), coleopters (cicadas) and dípteros (flies, mosquitos, tábanos etc.), whose presence never gets to be annoying nor excessive safe in places of cattle and cochiqueras, we will see here the small lizard colirroja, the salamanquesas, lizards and eslizones next to toads, frogs and the snake of horseshoe.
And it will also show the fox, the careto dormouse, topillo, tejón, the bat and until the wild boar and like no, the rabbit.

Tuesday June 13th, 2017