The villa is out the protection area of the park. It is known that Carboneras it´s been inhabitated since the XV; It’s said that the Marquess of Carpio, Don Diego Lopez de Haro, ordered to construct the castle of San Andrés to avoid the contraband of Christians.

The municipality is located in the Almeria levantina coast, with a landscape formed by barren, semidesert and volcanic lands, all within the Natural Park. As a traditional way,Carboneras bunkers have been dedicated to the fishing. In some zones of the interior, also some practiced agriculture and the cattle ranch.

Nevertheless, the tourism has changed the appearance and the sources of wealth of Carboneras bunkers.However,the sector of the services has prevailed in the town.
The Tower of the Ray is the oldest artistic element of Carboneras bunkers.

It was built at the nazarí time and was modified in the Renaissance.

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