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Cabo de Gata Natural Park, Almería, Andalusía, Spain
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Cabo de Gata Natural Park is the first marine-terrestrial Natural Park of Andalusia.

Cabo de Gata Nijar is one of the coastal strips of greater beauty and ecological wealth of the western Mediterranean.

It has an extension of 34,000 has, to which there is to add a marine strip of one mile in width (12,000 has).

Cabo de Gata is the dead ground marine-terrestrial of greater surface and ecological relevance of all European Western Mediterranean.

Besides Cabo de Gata has other categories of protected areas:
A Special Protection Area for birds [SPA (1989)] Wetland of International Importance [Ramsar (1989) The Salinas del Cabo de Gata] Biosphere Reserve (1997) Specially Protected Area Mediterranean Importance [SPAMI (2001)]

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Natural Park Cabo de Gata, Mediterranean Teasure

In this web you will find information about the area, distributed from our interactive map, which will connect with the locations in Natural Park and its beaches, environmental information, its history, and a rich supply of skilled accommodation and lodging, Hotel, Little Hotel and Youth hostel , Campings, Rural Lodge, Apartments and Houses,and to eat a selection of Restaurants.

Also find information about activities and entertainment:
diving centers, boat trips, routes and hiking, bikes at Cabo de Gata), Arts and crafts, and too information about the environment, wildlife, flora, history of the area, Pictures and panoramic 360 º.

We also invite you to view a selection of submarine photos in Cabo de Gata, photos on kayaking in the park, Old photos, and pictures of the most interesting places.

Parque Natural Cabo de Gata Cabo de Gata. english Cabo de Gata- Français Cabo de Gata. Italiano Cabo de Gata. Deutsch
Cabo de Gata: Localidades Villages and Localities en Cabo de Gata
Almadraba de Monteleva Almadraba de Monteleva is small fishing village around the beach its name. Very close to this pedanía include Salinas de Cabo de Gata.
San Miguel de Cabo de Gata San Miguel de Cabo de Gata belongs to the municipality of Almeria. Many of its inhabitants are still engaged in fishing craft, which makes it an ideal place to enjoy fresh fish and varied.
Los Escullos. Cabo de Gata Los Escullos is a small core fishing and tourism located in the creek its name, under the hill next to Las hermanicas and Playa del Arco.
Agua Amarga Agua Amarga is a town that holds part of its fishing tradition, but has become a great tourist center of the coast. Its central nucleus urbanizing environment to a small square. There is a good range of accommodation with rural charm and some small hotels.
Boca de los Frailes Boca de los Frailes is a town that is located outside the area of tourism development, is an ideal place if you are looking for a quiet, but close to all locations in the park. In the town there are rural house.
Rodalquilar Rodalquilar is a mining town home located in a valley of unusual beauty, closed with a circular by the mountains and hills mining, and no activity. Today is the administrative capital of Natural Park. There are some lodges, houses, apartments, and hotels.
San Jose de Níjar
San Jose de Níjar has replaced its fishing activity for a sustained tourism development and consistent with the aesthetics and forms of environment and has become the tourist center of the park. It offers a host of services, hotels, hostels, restaurants, dive centers, etc.
La Isleta del Moro Isleta del Moro is a small fishing and tourist center near Los Escullos, with a huge rock and the island which it is named.
Las Negras Las Negras is a beautiful corner of spectacular fishing and environmental geology.
Pozo de los Frailes is a Neighborhood close to the coast and included in the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata, with a small old quarter and a Ferris wheel restored.
Fernán Pérez Fernan Pérez is one of the few municipalities in the interior of the national park, and still retains the rural charm of old, small white house, church, school.
The municipality of Níjar is the fourth largest in Spain, although the village is excluded from the protection of the park.
Carboneras The Village of Carboneras is outside the protection of the Natural reserve of Cabo de Gata, but not its surroundings. The Town are some hotels.
Las Hortichuelas Hortichuelas is a small town located to 2 km. The coast, in a spectacular valley views and still preserves the traditional air of the Mediterranean peoples.
El Pozo de los Frailes Pozo de los Frailes is a town is a small nucleus and a noria S. XIV restored. The town has a major tourism development, and now only a small part of the village retains its ancient appearance, but the set has a clear arabesque style. Here are some houses and apartments and rural housing
Enviromental information about Cabo de Gata Enviromental information about Cabo de Gata
Naturaleza Cabo de Gata. Almería, Andalucia
Dives in Cabo de Gata Geopark Cabo de Gata Interesting visits Cabo de Gata Flora in Cabo de Gata Birds in Cabo de Gata Marine fauna in Cabo de Gata Terrestrial fauna in Cabo de Gata The volcanic complex

The ecological importance of Cabo de Gata is in its origin, nature volcanic, semi-arid climate, sea-earth character.

Habitats of interest: steppe Mediterranean dune formations, salt marshes, coastal cliffs and seagrass beds.

Of the terrestrial fauna of Cabo de Gata we classify it in two different habitats: pasture and steppe zone.

In its more than 80 km of coastline, marine fauna is a dominant factor. We distinguish three different biotopes, sand grounds, rock and prairie posidónia ocean.

The birds in the Natural Park are also a factor characteristic, and can distinguish three environments: pasture or marshy, the area of orchards and the steppe zone.

The Flora of Cape Gata-Níar characterized by high humidity climate subárido with middle and high evaporation and expoción solar and volcanic soils and emphasize low setting, which determine the presence of a weak vegetation can take this pluviodad and vegetation soil.

The Volcanic Complex in Park Natural Cabo de Gata was formed in the period between 15 and 16 million years and is the party emerged from an extensive magmatic gray area that stretches along the Alboran Sea area.

One of the biggest attractions of the natural park for nature lovers can be found under the sea. So you provide a map of the dives in Cabo de Gata.

You will also find a list of interesting links on ecology and environment, associations working for a better world. And an interactive map with connections to
Protected Areas in Almeria. Andalusia.

Some Interesting Visits
Albardinal. Botanical Garden. Rodalquilar
Las Amoladeras, visitor center

Animales terrestres
Aves en Cabo de Gata
Fauna marina mediterranea en Cabo de Gata,
Geología de Cabo de Gata

Cabo de Gata history History Cabo de Gata Historia Cabo de Gata Interesting cultural visits New mining century XVIII Century: The Castels The morisc The Omeya Caliphate The Islam The roman occupation the Iberians Grece and Cartaghe The Phoenicians Algar Culture Millares Culture The first settlers

Cabo de Gata was via step of multiple cultures that left their mark on this place.
We invite you to learn a little more about the History of Nijar
El Cabo de Gata es a la vez cuna de civilizaciones y via de paso de multiples culturas que dejaron huella en este lugar.
Millares Spear tips
LoS Fenicios en Cabo de Gata
Phoenician amphora

Cabo de Gata Photogallery Cabo de Gata Photogallery Pictures of the localites in Cabo de Gata 360º panoramas Underwater photos Cabo de Gata Kayak in Cabo de Gata Old photos in in Cabo de Gata Satellite photos ce que vous devez voir

We suggest a visit to our images gallery:
Pictures of the localites in Cabo de Gata, photos diving in Cabo de Gata, old photos of Cabo de Gata, photos by Kayak, and what to do if you come to the Nature Reserve.
Among our 360º panoramas, an overall view from Cerro del Fraile, with its more than 490 m above sea level is the highest point of the park.

Seen from the viewpoint of amethyst, one of the most visited viewpoints of Natural Park Cabo de Gata.
Rodalquilar we have made in various views: From the top of the town, in the view of the beach Playazo new view from the pier of Playazo view in town, in reforestation has been carried out on the road to Playazo Botanic Garden and the Albardinal.

Las Negras we've seen from the bay, on the road the Cala del Cuervo, and Way to Cala de San Pedro, one of the most emblematic of the Cabo de Gata.

Fernán Pérez in View from the old mill, before being restored
In Carboneras there is a panorama punta de los muertos.
Agua Amarga we've seen from the beach and from the Table of Roldán

In San Jose we have a panoramic photo of Playa de los Genoveses and the Salinas del Cabo de Gata from the bird observatory. Ponemos a su disposición una amplia colección de imágenes


Antigüo Embarcadero de Rodalquilar.  Cabo de Gata

Camino de San Pedro. las negras.Parque Natural de Cabo de Gata

Las Salinas de Cabo de Gata

Vista desde el Cerro de los Frailes. Parque natural de Cabo de Gata

Jardín Botánico el  Albardinal. Parque natural de Cabo de Gata

Hotel Spa Cabo de Gata
Camping Cabo de Gata
Rural Lodge Cabo de Gata

House of the Holy. Las Hortichuelas. Cabo de Gata

Cajanido. Cajas Nido. Nest boxes
Comida para todo el mundo
cruz roja
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