Cabo de Gata-Nijar is the first maritime-terrestrial Park of Andalusia. Its origin is volcanic and is the marine-terrestrial space of greater surface and ecological relevance of all European Western Mediterranean.

Cabo de Gata Nijar is one of the coastal strips of greater beauty and ecological wealth of the western Mediterranean. It has an extension of 34,000 has, to which there is to add a marine strip of one mile in width (12,000 has). Cabo de Gata is the dead ground marine-terrestrial of greater surface and ecological relevance of all European Western Mediterranean. Besides Cabo de Gata has other categories of protected areas: A Special Protection Area for birds, Wetland of International Importance[- Salinas del Cabo de Gata-, Biosphere Reserve, Specially Protected Area Mediterranean Importance and Geopark.

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Cabo de Gata Natural Park is demarcated between the municipalities of Almeria, Carboneras and Nijar (the latter is the more encompassing extension. Nijar is the largest municipality of Almeria, although the village is excluded from the protection of the park).



Rodalquilar is a mining town home located in a valley of unusual beauty, closed with in circular mining mountains and hills, now with no activity. Today is the administrative capital of Natural Park.

Rodalquilar. Localidades en Cabo de Gata

Agua Amarga

Agua Amarga is a town that holds part of its fishing tradition, but has become a great tourist center of the coast. Its central nucleus urbanizing environment to a small square.

Agua Amarga. Localidades en Cabo de Gata

Los Escullos

Los Escullos is a small fishing town and tourism located in the creek its name, under the hill next to Las hermanicas and Playa del Arco.

Los Escullos. Localidades en cabo de Gata

San José

San José is the tourist center of the park par excellence. This town is located very close to the most attractive and stunning unspoilt beaches in the area. You can not help but visit

San José. Localidades en Cabo de Gata

Las Negras

Las Negras is a beautiful corner of spectacular fishing and environmental geology. Its transformation into tourist attraction in recent years has been spectacular.

Las Negras. Localidades en Cabo de Gata

La Isleta del Moro

La Isleta del Moro is a small fishing and tourist center near Los Escullos, with a huge rock and the island which it is named.

La Isleta del Moro

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Possibly the beaches and coves of the Cabo de Gata Natural Park, are one of the biggest attractions to come to this dead ground, to enjoy an unforgettable holiday, in recondite dream places, ideal for rest and quiet times.


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Cabo de Gata Lighthouse

faro de Cabo de Gata. Qué ver en Cabo de Gata

Salinas Cabo de Gata

Salinas Cabo de Gata. Qué ver en Cabo de Gata

El Albardinal Botanical Garden

El Albardinal. Qué ver en Cabo de Gata

Volcanus House

Casa de los Volcanes. Qué ver en Cabo de Gata

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